Quality Policy

Statement by:
Brenda Bergson, Managing Director and Alistair Moffat, Assistant Managing Director

Advanced Coil Slitters Ltd (ACSL) specialise in the provision of machining services supplying a wide range of high technology industries. The nature of the Company's activities places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, reliability and quality.

The objective of the management of ACSL is to provide these services in a manner that conforms to all statutory requirements and the contractual and regulatory requirements of its customers.

In order to achieve this objective it is the policy of ACSL to establish and maintain an effective and efficient documented quality management system planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions. The determination of conformity of work to contractual and regulatory requirements is made based on objective evidence.

ACSL shall ensure that all management, technical and production personnel are fully conversant with the Company objectives, through ongoing education and training programmes at all levels within the Company.

The Quality System is regularly reviewed in an endeavour to continually improve the quality, delivery performance and competitive tendering in line with the expectations of our customers.

The quality management system of ACSL is based on the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008.

Our objectives are to retain existing customers, attract new customers and maintain our turnover and profitability year on year. We recognise that one certain means of achieving both profitability and customer satisfaction is a zero rate of customer complaints and hours lost to rework and this is our target. Our objective is to continually work towards achieving that target.